International Cooperation

ORIPA NAPA under the President of Ukraine constantly cooperates with higher education institutions and non-governmental organizations in Great Britain, Germany, the USA, Poland, Moldova, Belarus, China and other countries. A number of cooperation agreements have been concluded between foreign HEI and the institute. Within the framework of international cooperation with the financial support of international funds and other organizations, the institute carries out activities in the following areas:

  • introduction of modern teaching methods;
  • development and improvement of training programs in public administration and management;
  • professional development of teaching staff;
  • involvement of foreign specialists in the educational process;
  • introduction of internship and advanced training programs abroad for students, teaching and administrative staff;
  • conducting research in the field of public administration, management, policy analysis, regional and local development, etc.;
  • holding international conferences, seminars, summer schools, etc. on problematic issues of theory and practice of public administration and management;
  • implementation of European quality standards of higher and postgraduate education;
  • development of library resources and information technologies through international technical assistance programs.


Foreign higher education partner institutions


International partner organizations


Diplomatic missions with which cooperation is carried out