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To attention of authors

     The publishing house of the Odessa Regional Institute of Public Administration of the National Academy of Public Administration, Office of the President of Ukraine (ORIPA) was founded in 1999.
     Today the institute's publishing house carries out a full processing cycle on preparation and edition of literature. The publishing house carries out editing and correcting of texts, making-up and design of publications. There is a big regulatory base on publishing, considerable dictionary directory and modern software. The publishing house is registered in the State Committee of Information Policy, TV and Broadcasting of Ukraine and has the Certificate about "inclusion into the state register of publishers, manufacturers and distributors of publishing production", series DK1434 from the 17th of July, 2003.
     Institute has mini-typography which publishes the numerous scientific and methodical literature.
     The ORIPA's publishing house releases different kinds of editions: monographs, textbooks, summary of lectures, manuals, and other methodical literature. The main editions are scientific collections "Topical Issues of Public Administration" and "Theoretical and Applied Issues of State Building" which are included in the list of scientific specialized editions of Ukraine in the field "Public Administration".
     The scientific collection of the ORIPA "Topical Issues of Public Administration" is published since 1999. It is the periodic edition which has the certificate of State Committee of Information Policy, TV and Broadcasting of Ukraine. By the decision of Supreme Certifying Commission of Ukraine 1-02/5 from the 10th of May, 2000 it is included in the list #5 of scientific specialized editions. It was re-registered in 2009 (the Decision of the Presidium of Supreme Certifying Commission of Ukraine from the 18th of November, 2009 # 1-05/5).
     The edition has the international standard number of serial editions ISSN 1993-8330. (The letter signed by the Head of Bibliographic Department Mr. Alain Rukol the 19th of March, 2007).
     Besides this the institute's publishing house publishes the scientific collection "Theoretical and Applied Issues of State Building" - the electronic periodic specialized edition placed on the web-site of V.I. Vernadsky National library of Ukraine ( This scientific edition which has been published since 2007 is registered by the Decision of the Supreme Certifying Commission of Ukraine #2-05/2 from the 13th of February, 2008 as the electronic scientific specialized edition.
     The publishing house participates in specialized exhibitions where the Institute's publications attract grate interest among the visitors. This interest is caused by the fact, that on the pages of our publications each interested person can find well-grounded answers to the questions concerning state building in Ukraine as the independent country.
     The literature which is published corresponds to the high quality standards of production. For example, V.G.Taranets's monograph "the Aryans, the Slavs, the Russians: the Origin of the names Ukraine and Russia", was the prize-winner in national competition "the Ukrainian - language of unification".
     Publishing house activity is not limited only by literature releasing. The contacts with the distributors of the ORIPA's literature are being established. The network of distribution of editions among higher educational establishments, libraries, bookshops, in-service training centres, other institutions which are interested in Management and Public Administration issues is being created.

We invite to cooperation authors and distributors of the literature.

The contact person is Mr. Olexandre Patyk
(65009, Odessa, str. Genuezska, 22, phone +38 (048) 705-97-48, 705-97-49. E-mail: