Global Studies, European Integration and State Security Management Chair

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The mission

The mission
Our mission is formation among students and public authorities officials of a holistic system of knowledge on theoretical and applied aspects of modern international relations in the field of European integration and informing them on the development of relations between Ukraine and the EU, promoting public administration in the context of Ukraines European choice.

Historical background

Historical background

Global Studies, European Integration and State Security Management Chair was established on September 1, 2004. Its creation was approved by the order of the Vice-Rector-Director of the ORIPA NAPA under the President of Ukraine dated June 10, 2004 38 pursuant to the Decree of the President of Ukraine dated 13.12.2003 1433/2003 On State Programs on European and Euro-Atlantic Integration of Ukraine for 2004-2007 and in accordance with the decision of the Academic Council of the Institute of 12.02.2004, the protocol 2.73.

The mission of the Chair is to teach disciplines related to World and European integration and national security of Ukraine at the faculties of all forms of education.

This area of research is quite relevant today because Ukraine exists in the context of the Worlds leading processes of modern political development, and knowledge of these disciplines will help solve a number of economic and socio-political problems facing our country. In addition, special attention is paid to building new relations, due to the fact that on May 1, 2004 Ukraine received a common border with the EU after ten more states became members.


Support for economic and social development in the region is provided by training highly qualified specialists in such areas as: European integration, international economic integration and sectorial competitive policy, European principles of public administration, investment attraction and cooperation with EU Structural Funds, European cohesion policy, neighborhood policy.

The practical implementation of the Chairs mission in training students in the professional field of European Integration in the Context of Global Governance and active participation in the development of European integration processes in the region involves solving the relevant tasks of the Chair:

  • providing professional training of students in the field of international relations and European integration;
  • formation of students competence and ability to carry out practical activities in public authorities in the implementation of European integration programs and activities taking into account the socio-economic needs of Ukraine and regional development;
  • promoting the adaptation of the public administration system to European standards, taking into account the conditions of implementation of the Association Agreement and the creation of a free trade area, which puts on the agenda new tasks for public administration.