Project Management Chair

General information

Academic staff


The mission

Our mission is to provide knowledge through quality and professional training of elite managers who will receive effective results of their work and succeed in any field of human activity in the future.

Historical background

The Project Management Chair is a graduate Chair for the training of masters in the specialty 073 Management with elective components Project Management, Strategic Communications, Health Care Management. Established in 1998 to work in the field of real project management.

1998 - 2004 the first head of the Chair was Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor A. Rybak.

2004 - 2008 the Chair was headed by PhD of Technical Sciences, Senior Research Fellow V. Andrianov.

Since 2009 till now the Project Management Chair has been headed by Doctor of Public Administration, Professor T. Bezverkhniuk.

Today, the Project Management Chair is a leading training and research center providing high quality educational and consulting services to improve business efficiency, ensure its sustainability, growth and competitiveness.

The educational process at the Chair is provided by professional lecturers -practitioners who have extensive experience in developing and implementing project management methodology at Ukrainian enterprises, international certification, modern knowledge and skills of project management trainers.


The main tasks of the Project Management Chair are:

  • application of modern interactive forms of organization of educational process (trainings, debates, discussions, etc.). Involvement of practitioners in the teaching of disciplines in management;
  • introduction of the best world experience of training of project management specialists taking into account domestic specifics and traditions;
  • strengthening the connection of the educational process with the practice of Public Administration and business administration in order to strengthen the practical orientation of education, bringing its content to the needs of economic and social development of the state and the region through visiting classes and seminars;
  • creating conditions that ensure the full disclosure of the abilities of each employee, to stimulate individual and collective creative thinking.