Management of Organizations Chair

General information

Academic staff


The mission

The mission is training worthy professionals who seek to establish, manage and develop an efficient, competitive and secure business.

Historical background

The Organizations Management Chair was established on June 19, 2002.

The first head of the Chair was PhD of Economics, Docent Volodymyr Kublikov from 2002 till 2007. With the support of the first director of the Institute Oleksii Yakubovskii he organized training in Management and specialty Management of Organizations and Administering.

From 2007 till now, the Management of Organizations Chair has been headed by Nataliia Krasnostanova, PhD of Economics, Docent, author of more than 70 scientific and educational papers, who works creatively in the field of investment and innovation development strategy; management systems for sustainable development of regions; personnel management of the organization, business planning.


  • development of sets of high-quality educational and methodical support of the educational process;
  • application of modern interactive forms of organization of the educational process (trainings, brainstorming, business games, debates, discussions, etc.);
  • introduction of the best world experience in training specialists taking into account national specifics and traditions;
  • strengthening the connection of the educational process with the practice of enterprise management in order to strengthen the practical orientation of education, bringing its content to the needs of economic and social development of the state and the region;
  • development of career guidance work in order to attract the contingent of the region to study at the institute;
  • constant relationship with graduates.