Humanitarian and Socio-Political Studies Chair

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The mission

The mission of Humanitarian and Socio-Political Studies Chair is training of specialists able to ensure the planning and development of time-appropriate management decisions for the formation and implementation of effective and efficient public policy in the social and humanitarian spheres.

Historical background

Historical background

Humanitarian and Socio-Political Studies Chair is the oldest chair of the ORIPA NAPA established in 1996. In the process of its formation and growth, the Chair has gone through several stages. The first Chair of social and humanitarian profile was established on August 30, 1996 and was called the Chair of Political Science and Social Policy, which almost a year later, in 1997, received a new name - the Chair of Socio-Political Sciences.

In 2000, the chair was renamed into Philosophical and Socio-Political Sciences, and in 2017 began to be called Humanitarian and Socio-Political Studies Chair. Its organizer and first head was Professor Oleksii Yakubovskii the first rector of ORIPA NAPA, Honored Worker of Public Education. From 2017 till now, the Chair is headed by Doctor of Public Administration, Professor Serhii Popov.


Humanitarian and Socio-Political Studies Chair has many tasks, including:

  • implementation of educational programs, curricula for higher education;
  • theoretical development and practical implementation of the content of education in the disciplines taught by the Chair;
  • preparation and systematic updating of methodological support of the educational process in the academic disciplines taught by the Chair;
  • elaboration of various forms and methods of educational work with students;
  • management of research work of graduate students;
  • organization of scientific and pedagogical activity of the Chair for the purpose of constant increase of professional competence of lecturers by carrying out and further discussion of open lectures and mutual visits of classes at the Chairs meetings;
  • constant exchange of professional experience and the latest achievements of professional work by discussing the main problems of the educational process at methodological and methodical seminars of the Chair;
  • collection and generalization of the best practices gained by lecturers of the Chair during classes and extracurricular activities by reflecting it in individual and collective scientific and methodological publications;
  • implementation of plans for scientific training and professional development of lecturers, their recommendation for postgraduate studies, internships in leading universities in Ukraine and abroad;
  • management of preparation of PhD dissertations, reviewing and discussion of the presented researches at the Chairs meetings and inter-departmental seminars;
  • organization of interaction with other educational institutions, holding joint meetings of Chairs, round tables, preparation and publication of scientific and educational literature;
  • conducting special classes for students of secondary schools and colleges in order to carry out career guidance work;
  • organization of educational activities for young people.