Regional Policy and Public Administering Chair

General information

Academic staff


The mission

Our mission is to make Ukraines public administration better, through the training of active and responsible leaders of changes who create the conditions for the countrys sustainable development.

The main assets of the chair include dedication, providing opportunities for creative self-realization for lecturers, students, graduate students, friendly attitude and trust of recipients of our educational products and services.

Historical background

Regional Policy and Public Administering Chair is a graduate chair for the training of masters in the specialization Local Self-Government. It was established in March 2010 as a structural subdivision of the Faculty of Public Administration of the ORIPA NAPA under the President of Ukraine. For the whole period of the Chairs existence it was headed by Doctor of Political Science, Professor M. Izha, Doctor of Public Administration Yu. Molodozhen, Doctor of Philosophy, Professor Z. Balabaieva. Since 2016, the Chair has been headed by Doctor of Public Administration, Professor T. Pakhomova author of over 100 scientific and educational works.

Today, Regional Policy and Public Administering Chair is a leading educational and research center for providing high-quality educational and consulting services to improve the efficiency of local self-government.

The educational process at the Chair is provided by professional lecturers-practitioners who have extensive experience in developing and implementing the methodology of local self-government and regional administration. In particular: 4 Doctors of Sciences, Professors; 4 PhD of sciences, Docents.

Teaching is carried out in specialized classrooms equipped with modern technical means to provide multimedia presentations and modern information technology in public administration.

Dozens of masters in Public Management and Administering have been trained with the participation of Regional Policy and Public Administering Chair.

A specialization Local Self-Government was created in 2016 in accordance with the opening of a new Public Management and Administering specialty.


The main tasks of the Chair are:

The staff of Regional Policy and Public Administering Chair builds its activities on the basis of the Masters Program in Public Management and Administering in accordance with the Development Strategy of the NAPA under the President of Ukraine for 2017-2021, the Action Plan of the NAPA under the President of Ukraine for 2016 -2020, Priorities for the development of ORIPA NAPA under the President of Ukraine for 2016-2020 and defines the following tasks in its activities:

  • high-quality training of professional staff for the system of public administration and local self-government;
  • development of educational and methodological support for the training program for masters and bachelors of Public Management and Administering;
  • conducting research on topical issues of regional policy and public administration;
  • creative cooperation with central and regional executive bodies and local self-governments of the South of Ukraine in order to involve practical workers to the educational process, study the needs of public authorities in vocational training, assistance in organizing scientific and expert activities;
  • development of cooperation with foreign institutions that train professionals and conduct research in the field of public administration.