Public Administration and Regional Studies Chair

General information

Academic staff


The mission

The mission of the Chair is to form a school of innovative technologies of public administration, focused on the world level of education and research, promoting the formation of modern school of regional administration in order to train national elite of civil servants able to contribute to Ukraines competitiveness.

The implementation of this mission is provided by the high scientific, practical, research, educational and intellectual potential of the Chairs teaching staff, as well as its doctoral, graduate and master students.

Historical background

Public Administration and Regional Studies Chair was established in November 2001 as a structural subdivision of the Faculty of Public Administration of the ORIPA NAPA under the President of Ukraine. The Chair provides a set of works on the organization of the educational process of preparing students for a masters degree on 281 Public Management and Administering in full-time and part-time forms, being a leader in training on Regional Administration specialization.

Among the main Chairs activities there are: training of masters of Public Administration, organization and implementation of educational and scientific-methodical work; conducting research; providing professional consultations to regional bodies of state power and local self-government on issues corresponding to the profile of the Chair; conducting classes according to the standard program and thematic seminars on civil servants advanced training in the Center for advanced training of the Institute.


  • to meet the needs of the state in the training of highly intelligent specialists in the field of Public Administration, through improving the social, managerial, personal characteristics of students, graduate students and doctoral students of the Chair;
  • to promote the formation of a new domestic model of government in the system of Public Administration;
  • to create conditions that ensure full disclosure of the abilities of each employee of the chair, to stimulate individual and collective creative thinking.