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    Management Faculty of Odessa Regional Institute for Public Administration of the National Academy for Public Administration under the President of Ukraine (hereinafter – the Faculty) is an educational, scientific and organizational structural unit of Odessa Regional Institute for Public Administration of the National Academy for Public Administration under the President of Ukraine (hereinafter – the Institute) within the system of the National Academy for Public Administration under the President of Ukraine (Kyiv City) (hereinafter – the National Academy), and it is designed to perform educational and scientific challenges of training the specialists on the IV accreditation level according to the educational activity conduct certificates and license. We were the first in the South of Ukraine to have started training specialists in the field of investment management, economic security and project management, based on the classical management traditions and those of the Higher Public Administration School. The Faculty’s main goal is to provide the necessary conditions for students to acquire the basic and full higher education, in order for them to be able to successfully operate in today's competitive environment in Ukraine and abroad.

    The educational process organization meets the State Standard requirements, but along with those, the Faculty’s curriculum features a lot of innovations and complies with the comprehensiveness principle. From the first days of their studies, our students find themselves at the information flows intersection sphere that includes management, economics, law, humanities, and foreign languages, with the emphasis made not only on the special training, but on the student’s personal development, as well. The Faculty’s created all the conditions for the students to successfully combine studying with their art activities, sports, partaking in interesting events, trips and excursions.

    The Management Faculty prepares students and trainees, coordinates the departments’ educational and methodical, pedagogical and scientific research; provides training for full-time and correspondence students. As of now, the Faculty provides Project Management Master’s Degree with “Project and Program Leader” specialization, and Organizations Management and Administering Master’s Degree with “Investment Activity Management” and “Economical Safety Management” specializations, as well as Management Bachelor’s Degree.

    Since 2016, the Institute introduced the brand new “Management” Specialty (Bachelor, Master) with the following specializations: “Business Administering”, “Business Analytics and Business Projects Management”, “Economical Safety and Risk Management”, “Strategic Communications”, “Project management in Tourism”. All in all, 2533 students – project and program leaders, investment management and economical safety Specialists and Bachelors have graduated from the Faculty. Our graduates successfully work in governmental and business structures, and also take part in the international projects and programs on the internal and external markets. Each year, the number of our graduates is steadily increasing, as well as the quality of education.

    The Faculty has worked out a unique classical management industry education model, which is primarily focused on the young people want to and will work in Ukraine and for Ukraine. The Faculty’s high quality training ensures the formation of highly qualified professionals who are in demand not only on the Ukrainian job market, but on the international one, as well. The modern business sets severe requirements of our graduates, therefore the education we provide is a practically-oriented one.

    The educational process at the Department is provided by the team of highly qualified professionals, which is constantly replenished with our graduates. Besides, the leading lecturers of the Public Administration Faculty work with our students, as well, so that our Faculty is able to create a unique experience of connecting both the public and business management basic principles.

    The Faculty’s history began in 1998, when the “Project Management” specialty has been introduced, and the eponymous Department created. That very year, the “Organizations Management” specialty has been introduced, as well. In 2002, the Organizations Management Department was created. Mr. A. Rybak became the Faculty’s first Dean.

    Throughout the Faculty’s history, the Dean’s post has been occupied by V. Kublikov, S. Yaromich, V. Andrianov, V. Garkusha, S. Voronov, V. Yatsenko. In September 2015, Mrs. Yulia Yevstyunina became the Management Faculty Dean.

As of now, the Management Faculty consists of four Departments:
  • - Project Management Department;
  • - Organizations Management Department;
  • - Ukrainian and Foreign Languages Department;
  • - IT and Administration Systems Department.

    Our Faculty has a Students’ Self-Government Council, which is aimed at creating the necessary conditions for the students’ personalities’ self-realization, and helping the students hone their management skills, leadership qualities, and responsibility for their work’s outcome. The students’ self-government activity is aimed at improving the educational process, increasing its quality, ensuring the students’ spirituality and culture forming, increasing the students’ social activity. The self-government squad’s activity is an effective cooperation with the Institute’s authorities and lecturers within the framework of one team work, as well as the artistic research development, and initiative. In 2009, the students’ self-government has established the “Academy” newspaper, which is dedicated to covering the Faculty’s students’ life, and is available both in printed and e-version at the special section of the Institute’s web site.

Address: 65009, Odessa, 22, Genuezska Str., Office No. 321
Phone/Fax: (048) 705 97 34 (Deanery); (048)705 97 33 (Faculty Dean);


  Faculty Dean

    Mrs. Yulia Yevstyunina

    Scientific Rank: PhD in Pedagogical Studies
    Social activity: Academic Council member, ORIPA NAPA’s Scientific and Methodological Council member,
    Institute’s Public Skills Studio Lecturer and Head
    Contacts: Ph. - 705-97-33; E-mail: dekanatmo@oridu.odessa.ua, yuliayevstiunina@gmail.com

  Deanery’s Head Specialist

    Mrs. Lyudmila ANTONCHENKO

    Functions: “Management” specialty and “Organizations Management and Administering” specialization full-time
    education process management

  Deanery’s Head Specialist

    Mrs. Natalia KOSTENYUK

    Functions: “Project Management” specialty full-time and correspondence education process management

  Deanery’s Head Specialist

    Mrs. Olga YAKIMENKO

    Functions: Deanery’s management assistance and paperwork

  Deanery’s Head Specialist

    Mrs. Olena ZGURSKA

    Functions:“Management” specialty and “Organizations Management and
    Administering” specialization correspondence education process