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    Public Administration Faculty of Odessa Regional Institute for Public Administration of the National Academy for Public Administration under the President of Ukraine (hereinafter – the Faculty) is an educational, scientific and organizational structural unit of Odessa Regional Institute for Public Administration of the National Academy for Public Administration under the President of Ukraine (hereinafter – the Institute) within the system of the National Academy for Public Administration under the President of Ukraine (Kyiv City) (hereinafter – the National Academy), and it is designed to perform educational and scientific challenges of training the specialists in “Public Management” education field on the IV accreditation level according to the educational activity conduct certificates and license.
    The Faculty was created with the Director’s Decree No. 139-k on November, 1, 2000 according to the Institute’s Scientific Council’s decision.
    The specialists training in "Public Administration" education field in Master’s qualification level is carried out since September, 1, 1996. As of now, the licensed volume is as follows: 45 full-time students, 295 correspondence students, and 35 – evening classes’ students.
    For 14 years, the Faculty has been headed by the deans with different academic interests and views, but they have all shared the main guiding principle of responsibility for their mission.

Mr. Oleksandr Korvetskiy, PhD in Medicine, Associate Professor, the Faculty’s first Dean (from November 2000 to March 2005). Under his guidance, the Faculty’s incipience as the Institute’s structural unit took place, and the students’ self-government was created.
Mr. Mykola Ìykolaychuk, PhD in Public Administration, Associate Professor, the Faculty’s Dean from April 2005 to November 2007. He’s conducted work concerning the Faculty’s symbols (emblem and anthem) development and implementation, and established the Faculty’s Day celebration on November’s first Friday. In December 2010, he became the Doctor of Public Administration.
Mr. Petro Êryvotsyuk, PhD in Political Studies, Associate Professor, the Faculty’s Dean from November 2007 to December 2008. Under his guidance, the first students’ self-government paper was published, the students’ councils’ cooperation was established, and familiarization with the National Academy’s regional institutes’ best practices was implemented, along with the Institute’s Students’ Culture Center.
Mr. Mykola Popov, PhD in Public Administration, Associate Professor, the Faculty’s Dean from January 2009 to July 2014. He’s been actively supporting the effective students’ self-government, and promoting its relations with the other regional institutes.
Mrs. Svitlana Lypovska, the Faculty’s Dean from July 2014 to April 2015. She’s contributed to enhancing the educational process’ practical component by virtue of many years’ experience in the public service.

In order to effectively realize the educational services provision license requirements’ tasks, 6 departments are functioning at the Public Administration Faculty:
  • - Philosophy and Socio-Political Studies Department (est. on 30.08.1996);
  • - Law and Legislative Process Department (est. on 01.11.2001);
  • - Public Administration and Local Self-Government Department (est. on 01.11.2001);
  • - Economical and Financial Policy Department (est. on 01.09.2004);
  • - European Integration Department (est. on 01.09.2004);
  • - Regional Policy and Public Administration Department (est. on 01.03.2010).

The Faculty’s teaching process is also assisted by the following Departments:
  • - Ukrainian and Foreign Languages Department (est. 30.08.1996);
  • - Project Management Department (est. 19.06.2002);
  • - Organizations Management Department (est.19.06.2002);
  • - IT and Management Systems Department (est. 01.09.2004).

The “Public Administration” education field students’ selection and admission is carried out according to the Students Admission Regulations of the National Academy for Public Administration under the President of Ukraine, having been approved by the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers’ Decree No. 255 on April 1, 2013.

By the year 2015, the Faculty prepared 4702 Masters of Public Administration, including: 880 full-time education students; 345 evening courses students; 3087 correspondence students; 390 in absentia-distance students.

Changes in the number of graduates: 1997 - 2015 years

The educational activity at the Faculty is carried out according to the following specializations:
  • - Regional Management;
  • - Economy and Entrepreneurship State Regulation;
  • - Social and Humanitarian Policy;
  • - Legal Framework within the Public Authorities;
  • - European Integration in Global Governance;
  • - Healthcare Management;
  • - Local Self-Government;
  • - Culture Sphere Management;
  • - Public Administration Computerization.

The Faculty’s educational process is provided by its regular professors, as well as the experts involved concurrently. The local government officials, and both Odessa’s and Ukraine’s leading research institutions’ and higher educational institutions’ scientific and teaching staff are involved in conducting the classes, as well. As of now, the Faculty’s educational process is provided by over 100 lecturers holding the scientific degrees in the economic, legal, educational, psychological, physical and mathematical, technical, philological, political, philosophical, historical, sociological sciences. Five out of six Departments are headed by the Doctors of Sciences, Professors. The numerical composition of all the Departments meets the Ukrainian Education and Ministry’s requirements: 20% of the teaching staff are the Doctors of Sciences, Professors, while 80% are the PhD’s, Associate Professors. The pedagogical work carried out among the Faculty’s students of the faculty is focused on forming their national identity, patriotism, responsibility for the society’s fate, human dignity, and willingness to selflessly protect and develop the Ukrainian state. In order to achieve that goal, patriotic, aesthetic and physical education events are constantly held at the Faculty.

On top of that, the following events are traditionally held at the Faculty: students’ general meetings dedicated to the new academic year (Knowledge Day), Faculty Day (first Friday of November), scientific conference on the results of the students’ training at the state government and local self-government bodies (October), groups’ leaders meetings (once every two weeks), festive meetings dedicated to the Public Administration Masters’ graduation (end of February) etc. The pedagogic work considers the region’s historical and cultural traditions, as well as the students’ age peculiarities, and is carried out both during the educational process and beyond it. Thus, the students take part in the events dedicated to Odessa region’s anniversary, Odessa’s Liberation from the Nazi, Victory Day, Europe Day in Ukraine, "Heart to Heart" action, mentoring assistance to Odessa region’ Mikhaylivska Boarding School etc.

The faculty has full-time students’ self-government, which is aimed at promoting the students’ conscientiously fulfilling their duties, along with protecting their rights and interests; aiding the scientific and pedagogic process’ organization at the Institute; forming the new highly professional state servicemen elite based on the business cooperation with the Director, the Institute’s authorities, and its structural units. In 2007, the students’ self-government activists established their newspaper, “Prime Time”, which is available both in printed and e-version at the special section of the Institute’s web site.

Since September 2008, the Students’ Cultural Center was established at the Institute. Its main objective is to organize the Institute’s students’ and lecturers’ leisure, hold thematic and entertainment events.

Address: 65009, Odessa, 22, Genuezska Str., Office No. 200
E-mail: oridu_dekanatdu@ukr.net
Phone: (048) 7059725, ph./fax: (048)7059732
(048) 7059731


  Faculty’s Dean

    PhD in Political Sciences, Associate Professor
    IT and Management Systems Department’s Associate Professor

   Deanery’s Head Specialist

    Mrs. Oksana DZYHOVSKA
    Functions: correspondence education process management

   Deanery’s Head Specialist

    Mrs. Olga MATONIS
    Functions: evening courses education process management

   Deanery’s Leading Specialist

    Mrs. Olga Grammatik
    Functions: full-time courses education process management