About the activities of the Odessa Regional Institute for Public Administration

   Odessa Regional Institute for Public Administration of the National Academy for Public Administration under the President of Ukraine (hereinafter Ė ďThe InstituteĒ) is the main state higher education institution of national system for professional education of chief executives and top managers for the business community of the South of Ukraine and Vinnitsa region.
   The institute was founded according to the Presidential Decree Ļ 824/95 of the 11th of September 1995 as Odessa Branch of the Ukrainian Academy for Public Administration under the President of Ukraine. Later on, it became the Odessa Regional Institute for Public Administration according to the Presidential Decree Ļ 850/2001 of the 21st of September 2001.
   Since October 2006, Mr. Mykola Izha, Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor, Honoured Educator of Ukraine is Director of the Institute.
   The Institute conducts practice-oriented training of specialists with higher education, short-term training, provides expert and consultative services in the areas of management analysis, human resource management, resource planning, project management, risk management, budgeting, innovation and investment, strategic communications and working with the media.
   For many years our Institute has been widely known as Odessa regionís best higher educational institution in humanities.
   The studying process at the Institute is carried out at the two faculties:
  • Public Management and Administering one and
  • Management and Business Technologies one.

   The educational process is ensured by 10 departments:
  • Public Administration and Regional Studies one;
  • Humanitarian and Socio-Political Studies one;
  • Economic and Financial Policy one;
  • Regional Policy and Public Administering one;
  • State Studies and Law one;
  • Ukrainian and Foreign Languages one;
  • Global Studies, European Integration and State Security Management one;
  • E-government and Information Systems one;
  • Organizations Management one;
  • Project Management one.

   Professors and lecturers. Professional training for students is provided by qualified professors, lecturers and scholars, 82% of whom are Professors, Associate Professors, and PhDs. Lecturers of the Institute are professional practitioners, consultants, managers of successful companies, business foundations, government agencies, and they have substantial experience in implementing commercial and municipal projects. On top of that, they work on programs and strategies for business and territory development, and are certified public management trainers, authors of scientific projects and coordinators of international programs.
   Highly-qualified academic and scientific staff from other higher educational institutions, scientists from foreign countries, experts-practitioners with a vast working experience at the state government bodies are permanently involved in carrying out lectures and trainings at our Institute.
   Education at the Institute. At the time being, the Bachelorís and Masterís training are carried out according to two specialties: ďPublic Management and AdministeringĒ and ďManagementĒ. The students are offered the following educational programs, that are relevant at the job market both in the public and business sphere:
  • Local Self-Government;
  • Law in Public Administration;
  • Regional Administration;
  • Public Policy in Social and Humanitarian Development Sphere;
  • Public Administration in Healthcare;
  • Policy and Management in Cultural Sphere;
  • Economic and Financial Policy and Entrepreneurship;
  • European Integration in Global Governance;
  • E-government;
  • Project Management in Tourism;
  • Business Analytics and Business Project Management;
  • Strategic Communications;
  • Business Administering;
  • Economic Security.

   In our Institute, the training is oriented at mastering the modern management technologies, methods of business analysis, modeling and dealing with real management situations. The education process is focused on using case-study materials, master classes, training sessions, and is held in the well-equipped specialized classrooms with modern PCs and projection equipment, and multimedia devices.
   Our graduates are creative and talented new generation of professionals, capable of solving complex problems in conditions of the economic crisis, lack of funds, and predictive uncertainty while reforming the system of governance. Among the graduates of our Institute, there are heads of regions, their deputies, law enforcement agencies officials, mayors, business organizations top managers, art and culture workers, and also the members of our team: from the department assistant and other structural units employees to senior lecturer, Candidates of Sciences, PhDs and Professors.
   Since the time of its creation, our Institute has trained over 7500 graduates who hold key positions in Ukrainian state and local government bodies and in the banking, financial and investment areas.
   On top of that, our students have an opportunity to:
  • professionally master one of the European languages (English, German, French);
  • undergo an internship or study in a foreign partner university for a semester; annually, a great number of students participate in international internship programs;
  • utilize their creative skills and talents in choreography, vocal, photography and art studios of the Cultural center and in various projects for students;
  • live a fascinating student life, participating in interesting trips and excursions, competitions; meeting famous people; playing KVN; going to concerts, theaters, museums, sporting events; doing quests etc.

   Research activity. Great attention is paid to the scientific work, research of fundamental and applied issues. A significant part of scientific results is applied in practice, particularly at the local bodies of the executive power and local self-government. The nationally known scientific schools of the relevant ďPublic Management and AdministeringĒ science branches headed by Prof. Dr. P. Nadolishniy, O. Yakubovskiy, M. Izha, A. Akhlamov, Z. Balabaeva, T. Bezverkhniuk, S. Sakhanenko, L. Pryhodchenko, V. Maruchshak, T. Pakhomova have been founded at the Institute.
   Over 17 Doctor and 130 PhD degrees theses have been endorsed at the Institute. In 2016, the Institute has introduced Doctor of Philosophy training in ďPublic Management and AdministeringĒ Specialty.
   Expert activity. The Instituteís specialists take part in carrying out expert evaluation of public-management decisions, developing the analytical materials in the working groups, scientific-expert councils on the issues of power decentralization and local government reform, public procurement, program-based formation of the state and local budgets, populationís self-organizing, communication in public administration, e-government, tourism development in Odessa region.
   In-service training of the public administration bodiesí officials. Along with the studentsí training, the Institute annually provides in-service training to 2,500 public authoritiesí officials within the short-term workshops on the topics which are determined by the customers. The main objectives of the In-Service Training Section staff is to render advanced training services to civil servants and local self-government officials, to provide scientific, methodological, informational and consulting aid to state and local governments, to research, synthesize and disseminate the practical management personnel training improvement experience of the other countriesí authorities.
   The leading research and teaching staff of the Institute and other Ukrainian higher educational establishments, experienced managers and state executive bodiesí specialists, as well as the local governments officials are involved into the Sectionís work.
   International cooperation. International relations of the Institute with partner universities and educational institutions of France, Germany, Great Britain, Poland, USA, China, Romania, Belarus, Moldova and other countries are constantly developing. These relations have numerous different aspects: study visits, joint international projects, internships for students, exchange programs of modernization of the professional education, etc. The Institute has signed over 30 agreements and framework cooperation documents both with the foreign educational establishments and well-known international organizations. Moreover, a lot of the Instituteís researchers, lecturers, students, PhD students and staff take part in the international internship programs or study abroad.
   Besides, advisory, consultative and expert bodies (academic, scientific, methodical, expert, specialized boards) play a vital part in the activities of the institute.
   Since 2007, the Civil Board headed by the deputy of Odessa City Council, Hero of Ukraine, Honorary citizen of Odessa and Odessa region, PhD in Economics, V. Filipchuk has been actively functioning in the Institute.
   Trade union organization, which has been established in 1996, has nearly 300 members and is constituted by the Instituteís lecturers and departmentsí staff. The Institute has Mikhailivska Specialized Boarding School of Saratskiy district of Odessa region under its patronage.
   At the Institute, mass sports work is being carried out, various events aimed at the youthís patriotic education, honouring the WWII veterans and participants, ATO soldiers, international soldiers, and liquidators of the Chernobyl accident are organized.
   The Institute is a member of Odessa Regional Council of Peace, which is a respected and authoritative organization in Ukraine and abroad.
   Throughout the years of its existence, the Institute has created modern campus (four-storey building, specialized classrooms, room for video conferences, lecture room for distance learning, modern library, hostel with hotel-type double rooms, canteen, bar, modern computer, audio and video equipment).
   All the aforementioned, as well as the Instituteís being located in Odessaís resort district, makes a grand contribution to the maximum optimization of the educational process.

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