On December 01-06, 2019, Associate Professor of Ukrainian and Foreign Languages Chair Andrii Maiev participated in a study visit to the PRC as part of a delegation of 20 young scientists from Eurasia. The program included visits to the administrative center of Yunnan Province Kunming and the capital of the country Beijing, and contained numerous activities aimed at enhancing cooperation and developing academic exchanges between different countries on the continent.

December 01, the delegation members were invited to the grand opening of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Marathon (SCO). It is an international sports event annually held in Kunming with the participation of thousands of athletes from around the world. On the same day, young scientists attended a meeting with the leadership of the city and Yunnan province. Leaders of Chinese Public Authorities warmly congratulated the scientists, presented their region and expressed their hope for the development of bilateral cooperation. Members of the international delegation also had the opportunity to talk and discuss opportunities for collaboration with Chinese youth leaders, executives and experts.

On December 02, a visit to Kunming University was held, which included a meeting with the management of the institution, a visit to an industrial park, a startup center and various laboratories. On the same day, the activities presentation of the Chinese SCO Youth Exchange Center took place.

On December 03, members of the international delegation had the opportunity to visit a pharmaceutical enterprise in Kunming and get acquainted with the advanced achievements of the Chinese industry.

On December 04, the work in the capital of China began. The delegation was invited to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to meet the staff of the Department of Eastern Europe and Central Asia. There were noted the positive results of the implementation of the openness and reforms policy, and emphasized the readiness of the Peoples Republic of China to develop international cooperation with different countries of the world. After the meeting in the MFA, the delegation visited the Sinton Research Center, where the latest developments in satellite navigation and communication were presented.

On December 05, an international conference Dialogue between Young Scientists of China and Eurasia, organized by the SCO Neighborhood, Friendship and Cooperation Committee, took place. Each participant presented a report on contemporary socio-political and economic issues, global governance, ecology and the growing role of young people.

During the visit, Andrii Maiev had an opportunity to talk about the main directions of ORIPA NAPA under the President of Ukraine activities during communication with the leadership of Yunnan Province and Kunming University, as well as to present a report on the role of academic youth exchanges in the context of the implementation of the concept One Belt One Road.

The visit of the Institutes representative to China is a result of cooperation with the Consulate General of the Peoples Republic of China in Odesa. Chinese diplomatic mission invited the institute to participate in this international event, and provided organizational and financial support.