On October 21, 2019, Polina Bilous, Director of Alliance Frances in Odesa, paid a working visit to the Institute.

During the meeting with the institution director Mykola Izha, the head of the French organization received information about the activities of the Institute, current challenges in the field of civil servants training, implementation of cultural and educational projects and international contacts. The importance of continuing the cooperation between the ORIPA NAPA and its French partners, which was always supported by the French Embassy in Ukraine and the Alliance Francaise in Odesa, was particularly emphasized. Mykola Izha expressed proposals for intensification of bilateral cooperation concerning the involvement of French interns, video conferences, photo exhibitions related to the culture of France, visits of French diplomats, public officials and scientists, etc.

For her part, the director of Alliance Francaise in Odesa thanked for the invitation and expressed readiness for intensification of cooperation. In particular she provided information on projects in the cultural and educational spheres that are implemented with the support of the French Embassy in Ukraine, as well as opportunities for higher education at French universities.

After the meeting, Paulina Bilous had the opportunity to discuss in more detail the specific areas of cooperation with the Institutes staff: Head of International Cooperation Department Nataliia Nefodova, Head of Communication Department Tetiana Folhina, Head of Distance Learning and Informatization Department Igor Titov and Associate professor of the Ukrainian and Foreign Languages Chair Andrii Maiev.

In addition, Mrs. Belous was introduced to the ORIPA NAPA facilities: the classrooms, the conference hall, the distance learning center and the student cafeteria.