During the period from 16 to 18 May 2019, Nataliia Nefodova and Daria Suslina, staff members of the International Cooperation Department, took part in the XIX Annual American Studies Institute, "Elections in the United States: Myths and Facts". The project was implemented by the NGO Lviv Education Initiative with the support of the US Embassy in Ukraine based on the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv.
The main goal of the event was the knowledge exchange of Ukrainian international at the education sphere in the U.S. election and to provide a more accurate and comprehensive understanding of their core aspects, including multiple level of regulations, campaign funding, voter registration, primaries, election campaign.
The event was attended by 40 academics from more than 10 regions of Ukraine and representatives of the US Embassy in Ukraine, in particular Deputy Cultural Attache Michael Hackett. The working language was English.
The main speakers of the event were Darren Dochuk - Associate Professor of History at the American University of Notre Dame and Marc Dillen - international communication consultant and media relations specialist, Fulbright scholar, professor at the school of journalism and Ukrainian Catholic University. The working atmosphere inspired the participants to communication, discussions and conduct simulation games that provided the opportunity to spend a few days immersion in American studies.
Representatives of the institute were able to communicate with professors and representatives of the embassy about the system of studying in the USA and discuss the possibilities of developing bilateral cooperation with the USA. Nataliia Nefodova and Daria Suslina also thanked to Zoriana Zazuliakand and Roman Kalytchak event's coordinators for the opportunity to participate in the project. At the end of the XIX Annual American Studies Institute, representatives of the Department of International Cooperation received certificates.