On the 23rd of October 2018, an event was held to introduce academic mobility opportunities to students and other participants from the institute. The event was organised at the initiative of the Communications Department. The aim of the event was to raise awareness about international opportunities available to young people and to motivate them to learn foreign languages.
   During the introduction, the audience was addressed by the first deputy director of the institute, Mykola Popov, who emphasized that the leadership of the institute always supports and promotes participation in academic mobility programs among students, postgraduates and staff.
   Associate Professor of the Department of Ukrainian and Foreign Languages Andrii Maiev - spoke about the cooperation between the ORIPA NAPA under the President of Ukraine and higher educational institutions in Germany, Romania, Poland, Moldova, Azerbaijan and other countries.
   A student at the Faculty of Management and Business Technology, Daria Suslina, talked about the possibilities of the ERASMUS + programme in which she took part while studying abroad at the University of Alexandru Ioana Cuza, Iasi, Romania.
   The next speaker of the event was Oleksii Yanin, who is a Young European Ambassadors in Ukraine (YEAs project) and visited the institute from Lviv. The representative of active youth talked about how he visited 10 European countries in 20 years. He made use of digital tools to engage the audience with a quiz which helped to deepen knowledge about the relations between Ukraine and the EU.
   The next one to share their experience was a trainee from the Netherlands at the Institute: Martijn Haas. The European student told how his command of five languages expanded his horizons and contributed to the achievement of his goals.
   Postgraduate student of the Department of Economic and Financial Policy Natalia Rosmaritsyna shared her experience about participating in an international summer school on multiculturalism in Baku, Azerbaijan.
   The moderator of the event was Nataliia Nefodova, leading specialist at the Communication Department of the Institute, who also spoke about the experience offered by international internships. The Communications Department specialist also focused on the benefits for active students who are involved in social initiatives or engaged in volunteering. The event was held in a format which stimulated dialogue between the students and the speakers. In this dialogue several topics were discussed, like the current programme, projects and funds of the EU available to Ukrainian students. The motivated audience received not only information on academic mobility programs, but also received leaflets providing them with additional information.