On October 19, 2018, a seminar with the topic The Schengen Area: How secure are the EUs borders? took place at the EU Information Centre at the Odessa National Economic University (ONEU). The seminar was organised in close cooperation with ORIPA NAPA under the President of Ukraine.
   Andrii Maiev, associate professor at the Ukrainian and Foreign Languages Chair and Martijn Haas, intern at the Communications Department and student at the University of Bamberg (Free State of Bavaria, Germany) were among the participants. Martijn Haas was invited as the main speaker of the event.
   At the start of the seminar, which was held in English, Andrii Maiev greeted the audience on behalf of the leadership of the Institute and highlighted the actuality of the topic in the context of the European integration of our country. He noted that the recently implemented visa-free regime for Ukrainian citizens to the EU and vice versa is a great opportunity for the development of academic contacts and mobility between the EU and Ukraine.
   Martijn Haas lecture described the history of the Schengen agreement, its main provisions and details about its implementation. He also talked about the current challenges the Schengen Area faces and the contemporary challenges to the migration policies of Europe.
   After the presentation, he responded to several questions of the students of ONEU concerning Schengen and migration in Europe. He also responded to questions about his time in Ukraine and Odessa and what the thinks about the current state of affairs in the country.
   At the end of the event, the head of the EU Information Centre Iryna Shostak thanked the representatives of the ORIPA NAPA for their assistance in organising the event and expressed her hope for continued cooperation between ORIPA NAPA and the EU Information Centre at ONEU.