On October 9th 2018 the event "Not all heroes wear uniforms" was held at the Institute with the support of the Consulate of Georgia in Odessa. The event consisted of the presentation of the social projects "Children Ask for Peace", "Children for Peace" and the opening of the ETNO photo session of the project "My father protects Ukraine".
   The honorary guests of the event were the Consul of Georgian Consulate in Odessa Tornike Berekashvili, the head of the Georgian cultural and educational centre "Iberia" Shorena Gegheshidze, the representative of the project "My father protects Ukraine", Ulyana Flishko from Lviv, the head of the Kherson-Georgian national- Ilori's association Eliko Markelia, children whose parents were involved in their countrys armed struggle and volunteers who care for Ukrainian defenders.
   The moderator of the event was the representative of the Center for Democratic Youth Development "SINERGY", a 2010 graduate of the Institute - Lilia Grichulevich. She congratulated the representatives on the Day of Defender of Ukraine, the Day of the Cossacks and the holiday of the Blessed Virgin Mary, for which the event "Not All Heroes Wear Uniforms" was held.
   The official part of the event was opened by the director of the institute, Mykola Izha, who congratulated those present on the holiday of the Defender of Ukraine Day and thanked the honourable guests for the organisation of these vital social projects. Additionally, the director emphasised that good relations and fruitful cooperation with the Georgian cultural and educational centre "Iberia" have been going on for more than six years.
   The event continued with a statement by the Consul of the Consulate of Georgia in Odessa, Tornike Berekashvili, who noted that Ukraine and Georgia have much in common in their democratic formation. At the same time, the Consul-General noted that this year marks the 100th anniversary of Ukrainian-Georgian diplomatic relations.
   Then, according to the programme of the event, Shorena Gegheshidze presented the project "Children Ask For Peace". The project's organisers are the Ally-2015 Charitable Foundation (Batumi), the Centre for the Democratic Development of Youth "Synergy" (Odessa) and the Georgian Cultural and Educational Centre "Iberia" (Odessa). Significant support was provided by the Embassy of Ukraine in Georgia, the Consulate of Georgia in Odessa, the Government of the Republic of Adjara and the city hall of Batumi, as well as private businessmen from Georgia. Within the framework of the project, children from different parts of Ukraine took part in up to 20 different events, got acquainted with the history, culture and traditions of Georgia, experienced the bright emotions that prompted them to dream and believe in a happy and peaceful future. And during the event at the institute, project participants Vysyotskaya Nadiya, Zhyavoronok Anastasia and Otdelnov Arseny presented all "angels of peace" with wishes, so that the peace may come as soon as possible.
   Eliko Markelia presented the project "Children for Peace", implemented in 2018 in the city of Kherson. The organisers of the project were the mayor of Kherson and the Kherson-Georgian national-cultural association "Ilori", the State Service for Veterans of Georgia (Tbilisi) and businesses committed to social entrepreneurship in the Kherson region. The project was implemented with the support of the Consul of Georgia in Odessa Tornike Berekashvili and the Georgian Cultural and Educational Centre "Iberia". The project was organised with the purpose of rehabilitating 10 Georgian children whose parents participated in Georgian-Russian wars. For seven days, children from Georgia have learnt about southern Ukraine and its culture, nature and history.
   At the end of the event, Ulyana Flishko presented a photo exhibition of "ETNO Photos" by Svetlana Lystseva and the "Museum" of Olexander and Roksolana Grivulis family. She said that the photo-project was a part of social megaproject "My father protects Ukraine", whose main participants are the children of our Heroes. Within the framework of this project, 20 boys and girls took part in a photo shoot in authentic clothes at the Museum of Folk Architecture and Life named after Clementy Sheptytsky (Lviv). The first photo exhibition took place on August 24, 2018 in the Lviv Palace of Arts, and the exhibition will regularly "travel" both within Ukraine and abroad.
   Summarising the meeting, Mykola Izha stressed that the purpose of the event was to spread information on projects for the rehabilitation of children whose parents were involved in hostilities and volunteers who supported Ukrainian defenders. Another goal was to provide information to socially active people about the possibility of participation in these projects and national-patriotic education of youth.