On February 23, 2018, Communications Department Head Specialist Andrii Maiev, and Odessa Regional Institute for Public Administration of the National Academy for Public Administration under the President of Ukraine postgraduate students Oksana Yelchiyeva, Ivan Komarovskiy, Olga Psareva and Oleg Rogulskiy visited Moldova Republic Public Administration Academy in order to take part in the International “Young Researchers' Contribution into the Public Administration Development” Conference. The conference is annually held by the Academy's Administrative Sciences Department, and this year, it united the young scientists from the different HEIs of Moldova and foreign countries.
The Institute's representatives presented their reports at the plenary session and the sectional meetings, and took part in the discussions concerning the essential issues of decentralization, territorial power organization reforming, international relations and public servants training.
After the conference, the Public Administration Academy First Deputy Rector Andrei Groza and Administrative Sciences Department Head Angela Zelenski thanked all the participants, and festively handed out the certificates to the foreign guests. The organizers marked off the interesting and essential reports of the Ukrainian participants, and expressed their hoping on the continuation of the bilateral academic contacts. From their side, the Institute's representatives sincerely thanked for a warm welcome and all the events' having been organized on a high level. They shared their impressions concerning the participation in the conference with the local mass media.
After the conference, Andrii Maiev discussed the issues of cooperation development with the International Relations Department Head Dinu Manole and the Library Director Rodica Sobieski-Camerzan. The Higher Master Training Department Head Ion Dulski held an educational building excursion for the Institute's representatives, getting them acquainted with the museum, main hall, Academic Council sessions hall, Juridical Sciences Department, structural divisions and academic classrooms.
On top of that, during their stay in Chisinau, the Institute's representatives familiarized themselves with the Moldova Republic capital's places of interest, visited the National Historical Museum, and “Milestii Mici” Establishment's wine depository.

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