On January 23 – 27, 2018, German-Ukrainian “Ukraine: Conflicts, Crises and Reforms” Students Seminar was taking place at Odessa Regional Institute for Public Administration of the National Academy for Public Administration under the President of Ukraine. The event was held jointly with Berlin School of Economics and Law (Federal Republic of Germany), and featured the students of both the Ukrainian HEI and the German partner education institution.
The seminar was launched by the German delegation head Prof., Dr. Oesten Baller, who expressed his gratitude for the hospitable reception, and the opportunity to hold a joint event at the Institute. ORIPA NAPA was represented by the State Studies and Law Department Associate Professor Ielyzaveta Lvova, who greeted the German guests, and emphasized the importance of establishing the professional contacts between the partner institutions’ students. Besides, the Communications Department Head Specialist Andrii Maiev greeted the seminar participants on behalf of the Institute’s Director Professor Mykola Izha, and wished them fruitful and productive work.
During the seminar, which has been held exclusively in English, the participants presented their reports, and took part in discussions on a wide variety of essential problems, i.e. guaranteeing the freedom of speech, decentralization, tackling corruption, financing the political parties etc.
In the network of the visit, the German HEI’s representatives were informed about the Institute’s founding history and basic activities, examined the museum, classrooms, and the main hall, and paid a visit to the Regional Policy and Public Administering Department, and the Distance Learning Center.
Thanks to the assistance of the Management and Business Technologies Faculty Dean Yuliia Yevstiunina, the seminar participants had an opportunity to visit “Yuzhniy” Marine Trading Port, and get acquainted with this establishment’s activity.
Aside from the educational events, the Ukrainian and German students visited Odessa National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater together, and held a quest for the foreign guests to find out some peculiar special information about Odessa’s history and places of interest.
On January 27, during the festive seminar closing ceremony, the representatives of the German and Ukrainian HEIs denoted the successful and mutually fruitful work during the event, and expressed their hoping on the further cooperation development. All the participants received the according certificates.

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