On November 29, the representatives of ORIPA NAPA under the President of Ukraine took part in the festive reception dated for the national holiday of Romania - National Union Day.
On November 29, 2017, the representatives of Odessa Regional Institute for Public Administration of the National Academy for Public Administration under the President of Ukraine - Public Administering and Regional Studies Department Associate Professor Mr. Stepan Davtyan, Global Studies, European Integration and National Safety Management Department Associate Professor Viktor Komarovskiy, Advanced In-Service Training Department State Order Seminars Organization Sector Head Natalia Privalova, and Communications Department Head Specialist Andrii Maiev took part in the festive reception dated for the national holiday of Romania - National Union Day. The celebration was also attended by the public government bodies' and higher education institutions' representatives, diplomatic missions' heads, clergy, journalists, and Romanianian Diaspora representatives.
The festive reception was launched by the Consul General of Romania in Odessa Mr. Emil Rapcea, who addressed the guests with a speech emphasizing the grand meaning of the National Union Day for the Romanian people, and expressing his being pleased with the successful cooperation development between Romania and Ukraine, and with strengthening the friendly neighborly relations between the two countries' people.
Odessa Regional State Administration Deputy Head Sergiy Koleboshin, Odessa Regional Council Deputy Head Yuriy Dimchoglo, and Odessa City Deputy Mayor Pavlo Vugelman also addressed the guests with the welcome speeches.
On behalf of the Institute's management, Stepan Davtyan greeted the Consul General with Romania's National Day, and sincerely thanked for long-term cooperation, and diplomatic establishment's supporting the Institute's partner relations with the Romanian educational establishments.

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