On November 7, 2017, the Head Specialist of the Communications Department of Odessa Regional Institute for Public Administration of the National Academy for Public Administration under the President of Ukraine Andrii Maiev visited the Consulate General of Bulgaria in Odessa, where he took part in a briefing dedicated to the issues of the Ukrainian Higher Education Institutions’ (HIEs) students’ practice and studying.
The briefing was launched by the Consul General of Bulgaria in Odessa Mr. Dimitar Tuchkov, who greeted the audience, and highlighted the dynamic increase of the Bulgarian economics and industry development, which became possible due to the country’s being the European Union member, and emphasized the diplomatic establishment’s supporting the educational and cultural projects.
In the network of the meeting having been attended by the representatives of Ukraine’s HEIs, the representative of the Bulgarian “ETS BG Ltd” Company Mr. Ivan Nikolov told about the opportunities of passing paid practice at the Bulgarian resorts for the Ukrainian students, as well as about the Master’s degree education program in the Bulgarian HEIs. The Bulgarian businessman gave a high estimation to the anterior experience of cooperation with the Ukrainian partners, and expressed his being ready to widen the professional contacts.
By the end of the event, Mr. Nikolov answered the audience’s questions concerning the financial aspects of passing the practice, and the candidates selection procedure. All the participants received the presentation materials.