On 27 May 2017, the Head of the International Relations Sector Andrii Maiev, on behalf of the director of the institute visited the official opening of the Days of Hungary, which was held in the Odessa City Garden.
At the beginning of the ceremony, the prominent delegates spoke to the audience: the ambassador of Hungary to Ukraine Ernő Keskeny, the representative of the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Konstantin Rzhepishevskiy, and the president of the Ukrainian-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce Sandor Gelb. In the welcoming speeches, it was noted that the Days of Hungary enable the residents of our city to learn more about the traditions and culture of this country, so that it will strengthen the mutual understanding and good relations between the Hungarian and Ukrainian people.
At the end of the official part of the ceremony, Hungarian musicians and dancers presented their traditional performances, and everybody had the opportunity to buy souvenirs and taste traditional Hungarian dishes.

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