On 04 May 2017, the Ukrainian-Turkish “round-table” took place in the institute on the topic: “Security and Cooperation in the Black Sea Region: Historical Background and Current Challenges”. The participants of the event, being initiated by the Turkish Consulate General in Odessa, consisted of Turkish diplomats, scholars and representatives of public authorities of the Odessa region, as well as employees, master and graduate students of the ORIPA NAPA under the President of Ukraine and the Odessa I. Mechnikov National University. In particular, the following representatives participated in the event: The director of the institute, Dr. of political sciences, Prof. Mykola Izha, the politician, public activist and Member of III, VI and VII Convocation Parliament Mr. Sergiy Grynevetskyy, the Director of the International Relations Department of the Odessa City Council Mrs. Svitlana Boyeva, the Advisor of the Odessa Regional State Administration Head Mrs. Tetyana Lazareva, the Director of Diplomacy Academy in the city of Ankara, Dr. Mesut Özcan, the assoc. prof. of the International Relations Department of Bilkent University, Dr. Hakan Kirimli, the assoc. prof. of the Istanbul Sehir University Humanities and Social Science History College, Dr. Kahraman Sakul, the Consul General of Turkey to Ukraine in the city of Odessa, Cemil Ufuk Togrul, the Second Secretary of the Embassy of Ukraine to Turkey, PhD of political sciences, Dr. Yevgeniya Gaber, the assoc. prof. of the Department of European Integration of ORIPA NAPA, PhD., Oleksandr Ostapenko. The Head of the Department of Ukrainian and Foreign Languages of ORIPA NAPA, PhD., assoc. prof., Nataliia Kolisnichenko, moderated the discussion.
At the beginning of the event, Mykola Izha, the director of the institute, who welcomed the audience and congratulated the guests, pointed out the current relevance of this issue, noting that the Black Sea region has always been and will continue to be of significant geopolitical importance, and wished the participants of the round-table productive work. Moreover, Dr. Mesut Özcan, Svitlana Boyeva and Tetyana Lazareva expressed their welcoming words to the audience.
The participants held speeches and presentations in accordance with the subject being considered: “25 Years in Turkish-Ukrainian Relations: Importance of Institutional Cooperation” (Dr. Mesut Özcan), “The Black Sea region: Between Conflicts and Cooperation” (Sergiy Grynevetskyy), “Ukrainian-Turkish Relations and Their Implications for the Black Sea Regional Security” (Dr. Yevgeniya Gaber), “International Cooperation in Education Sphere as the Regional Stability Implementation” (Prof. Mykola Izha), “The Analysis of the Military and Political Situation in the Context of Modern Threats and Challenges in the Black Sea region” (Dr. Oleksandr Ostapenko), “The Turkish-Ukrainian Relations at the Beginning of the 20th Century with a special focus on the year 1918” (Dr. Hakan Kirimli), “Ukrainians and Muscovites in Ottoman Imagination” (Kahraman Sakul).
As soon as the respective presentation was finished, an animated discussion took place, in which Ukrainian and Turkish experts responded to numerous questions from the audience concerning contemporary threats and challenges in the Black Sea region, the development of Ukrainian-Turkish cooperation in various fields, historical aspects of relations between both countries, the Turkish support for Ukraine in modern stages.
At the end of the event, Prof. M. Izha noted that the Ukrainian-Turkish round-table should be the beginning of further development between ORIPA NAPA under the President of Ukraine and Turkish educational institutions, and he hopes that his event will contribute to the consolidation of good-neighborly relations between Ukraine and Turkey. On his side, Dr. Mesut Özcan acknowledged the opportunity to visit the institute and converse with the audience, and he expressed his hope for the continuation of the bilateral cooperation. The round-table discussion has generated significant interest in the regional mass media that interviewed the leading participants.
The Ukrainian-Turkish event ended with a solemn reception that was held at the Turkish Consulate General in Odessa.

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