On April 27 2017, the “XVIII Annual International Conference for Students: “Modern Management: Models, Strategies, Technologies” took place at the Odessa Regional Institute for Public Administration of the NAPA under the President of Ukraine. More than 165 students from Ukraine, but also from Belarus, Romania, Poland and Germany participated in the conference.
The conference was inaugurated in the Assembly Hall, where the Deputy Director of Scientific Work Prof. Sergiy Popov, congratulated all attendants on behalf of the Institute’s administration board.
Moreover, the honorary guest of the event – Mrs. Valentina Andrushchenko, the Department Director of the Organization of Fundamental Research in the Fields of Natural and Technical Sciences of the State Fund for Fundamental Research of the Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Sciences, the Head of the National Office of the “European Research Council” of the Program “Horizon–2020” – welcomed the participants of the conference. In her presentation, Mrs. Andrushchenko pointed out the possibilities how the research of young scientists can be funded with the support of grants.
Additionally, the Dean of the Management Faculty Dr. Yuliia Ievstiunina, the Chairman of the Scientific Society of Students and Young Scientists Dr. Natalia Kaduk, as well as the Institute’s Students’ Self-government Head Andrii Rizov expressed their best wishes for the participants.
Not only students of the Institute, but also fellow guests representing the Dnipro and Kharkiv Regional Institutes of the NAPA under the President of Ukraine and students of higher education institutions in Odessa took part in the plenary and sectional meetings of the conference. Furthermore, foreign guests presented their reports: the students of the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi (Romania), Stefan Movila and Beatrice Andreea Adamache, a fellow student from the University of Gdansk (Poland), Monika Chojnacka, as well as the international intern from the University of Passau (Germany), Maximilian Ohle.
Within the framework of the conference, the students had the opportunity to become acquainted and communicate with each other during the evening “get-togethers” and excursions through the city.

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