At this event, the Odessa Regional Institute of Public Administration (ORIPA) under the President of Ukraine was represented by teachers of the institute, as follows: Olga Tolpygo, Personnel Department Head, and Svetlana Lipovskaya, In-Service Training Department Head.
The main goal of the training seminar was to improve the teaching qualifications of the attendants, each of them representing an institute of higher education and executing the preparation of master programmes in the specialization of Public Administration, in terms of the development and implementation of educational programmes regarding the democratic citizenship and human rights education. Moreover, this training seminar was focused on methodical approaches concerning the development of competencies, carried out by civil servants and officials of self-government.
It is important to create the prerequisites for reforming the civil service, one condition of which involves the increase in professionalism and competences of civil servants and local government officials. Modernization of public administration and public service on the basis of democratic values and principles of effective management is an important component of effective changes in Ukraine, Marina Kanavets, director of the Centre for the Adaptation of Civil Service to the standards of the European Union, told the audience in her welcoming speech.
Natalia Protasova, the chief executor of the Swiss-Ukrainian project Development of the Citizenship in Ukraine (DOCCU), corroborated: Within the period 2017-2018 in the scope of specific modules, improvements of qualifications are going to be implemented in all regional centres of Ukraine and more than 24000 government employees and local authorities will undertake to participate in training programmes regarding the development of civil competences. The country and the society are changing, so that it is necessary the approaches of training methods. Civil competence should become a comprehensive and informative course for the training of civil servants in scope of a Masters Programme.

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