On January 31 and February 01, 2017 the delegation of the Odessa Regional Institute for Public Administration of the NAPA under the President of Ukraine visited Alexandru Ioan Cuza University (Iasi, Romania). The delegation consisted of the Dean of Public Administration Faculty Prof. Ella Mamontova, the Dean of Management Faculty Dr. Yuliia Yevstiunina and the Head of International Relations Sector, Dr. Andrii Maiev. The visit was held at the invitation of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, which has been cooperating with the Institute since April 2014 in the framework of the Agreement on Scientific and Educational Cooperation.
On January 31, according to the program of the visit, the representatives of the Institute were invited to the round table Public Administration Studies in Ukraine and Romania. The Romanian participants of the event were: the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration Prof. Dinu Airinei, the Deputy Dean for International Relations Dr. Bogdan Zugravu, the Head of Finance and Public Administration Department Prof. Ovidiu Stoica and teaching staff. Professor Airinei warmly welcomed the delegation, presented Alexandru Ioan Cuza University as well as his faculty, which has about 7000 students and is the largest among the 15 faculties of the University. The members of the Ukrainian delegation warmly thanked for the opportunity to visit the University and passed best wishes and hopes for further development of cooperation on behalf of the ORIPA NAPA administration board. Dr. A. Maiev made a presentation on the specifics of civil servants training in our country and the main activities of the Institute.
Also on January 31 the delegation met with the director of the Doctoral School of Economics and Business Administration Prof. Adriana Prodan. From the Ukrainian side, Prof. E. Mamontova spoke about research and scientific staff training in our Institute. In his turn, Prof. Prodan presented in detail the system of PhD candidates training in the University, the thesis defence and mechanisms for performance evaluation. It was very interesting in particular to communicate with young scientists of the Romanian university who were invited to the meeting and spoke about their motivation to study, training process and relationships with supervisors.
On February 01 the representatives of the Institute within the working meeting with the faculty teaching staff discussed specific areas of bilateral cooperation in 2017. In particular, the Romanian colleagues presented in detail scientific editions of the Faculty and invited Ukrainian scientists and young researchers to publish their papers in them. It was also agreed to invite representatives of the parties to participate in international conferences held in Iasi and Odessa, discussed the possibility of joint participation in international projects and other areas of cooperation.
The same day, the delegation members were able to communicate with activists of the faculty Students League. During the meeting Dr. Y. Yevstiunina told Romanian students about the activities of students self-government in the ORIPA NAPA under the President of Ukraine. In turn, the vice-chairman of the Student League Mrs. Madalina Florea described work of her organization, issues which it considers, procedure of electing leaders and students projects. It was agreed to start cooperation between students organizations of partner institutions.
Also while the visit in Iasi the Institute representatives met with the Professor of the Faculty of Philosophy and Social and Political Sciences, Dr. George Poede and Vice-Dean for International Relations Dr. Bogdan Stefanachi. This Faculty, which was created in 1860, is one of the oldest in the University. During the meeting Romanian colleagues received information on civil servants training in the ORIPA NAPA under the President of Ukraine and expressed their willingness to establish bilateral cooperation.
As a part of the cultural program of the visit an excursion to the Museum of the University was organized. The exhibition of the Museum presents the history of the city of Iasi and Eastern Romania since ancient times and the most interesting aspects of the University development.

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