The videoconference between the Odessa Regional Institute for Public Administration of the National Academy for Public Administration under the President of Ukraine (ORIPA) and the School of the Arts, English and Drama of the Loughborough University (United Kingdom) took place on the 16th of February, 2017. The topic of the event was Development of Academic Cooperation in the Field of Cultural and Social Policy.
The event was attended by: the director of the Institute Prof. Mykola Izha, the dean of Public Administration faculty Prof. Ella Mamontova, professor of the Chair of Philosophy and Socio-Political Sciences Dr. Sviltana Ovcharenko, the head of the Chair of Ukrainian and Foreign Languages Dr. Nataliia Kolisnichenko, the head of the International Relations Sector Andrii Maiev as well as the teaching staff: Dr. Larysa Kurnosenko. Dr. Akim Litvak and Dr. Nataliia Sokur. The Loughborough University was represented by: Lecturer in Visual Communication Prof. Robert Harland, Lecturer in Literature and Coordinator for the International Activity Prof. Nigel Wood and Research Associate Dr. Antonia Liguori.
At the beginning of the videoconference the Director of the ORIPA Prof. M. Izha and Prof. Robert Harland addressed their welcoming speeches to the audience. In his speech Prof. Izha thanked the leadership of the British school for the support of initiative for cooperation and stressed the importance of professional contacts with foreign partners in the context of the gradual integration of Ukrainian universities into the European educational space. He also invited the delegation of the partner institution to visit Odessa and to get acquainted directly with the Institutes activities. For his part, Prof. Harland greeted the Ukrainian audience, expressed his hope for successful holding of the videoconference and the beginning of long-term cooperation.
According to the videoconference program, A. Maiev spoke about the main activities of the ORIPA. Prof. Harland and Prof. Wood presented their educational institution. After that, Prof. Ovcharenko introduced the master program Policy and Administration in the Sphere of Culture and described the activities of the Chair of Philosophy and Socio-Political Sciences. Dr. Kolisnichenko presented the Chair of Ukrainian and Foreign Languages, as well as his personal experience of cooperation with British partners in international projects.
The parties also briefly discussed ways for further cooperation, in particular the possibility of joint participation in international projects in the field of culture and education, academic exchanges and summer schools with the participation of scientists from both institutions.
Summing up, the representatives of both parties thanked each other for the useful information and expressed their hope for further development of cooperation and implementation of concrete mutually beneficial activities in 2017.

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