Projects and programs

International Youth Forum Dialogue 2019 Participant 2019 Youth Regional Center LEPL of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports of the Ajarian Autonomous Republic
Summer School Public Administration in a Multilevel System Participant 2019 Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences
Exchanges for Young Sinologists at the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences (Shanghai, Peoples Republic of China) Participant 2019 Federal Department of Foreign Affairs and Volkswagen Foundation
German-Ukrainian-Kazakh Summer School Crisis and Reforms, Rule of Law and Democracy at the Berlin School of Economics and Law, Berlin, Germany Participant 2018 - till now German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)
International Summer School On The Rhine (OTR), at the German University of Administrative Sciences in Speyer (Germany) Participant 2018 - till now -
Project Ukrainian-Polish Autumn School Participant 2018 - till now -
The project of the representation of the European Union in Ukraine EU Study Days Participant 2018 -
The European Unions Erasmus + Academic Mobility Program Participant 2018 Erasmus +
International project of the Austrian Development Agency and United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Ukraine Sustainable development of rural areas of Chernivtsi and Odessa regions - 2018 -
Traineeship Program for the Faculty of Public Administration at the Higher School of Public Administration, Police and Law, Gustrow (Germany) - 2016 -
Project Sustainable Development of United Communities, Towns of Odessa Region together with the Hans Seidel Foundation (Germany), the Odessa Regional State Administration, the Odessa Regional Council - 2016-2017 -
Project for the development of a bachelor's program in Public management and administering jointly with NAPA under the President of Ukraine and the Berlin Higher School of Economics and Law (Germany) - 2016-2018 -
Jean Monnet educational program of European Union - 2016-2017 -
Summer School for Legal and Administrative Studies at the Berlin School of Economics and Law, Berlin, Germany Partner 2012 till now German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)
Semester study program for students of the Faculty of Management at the University of Technology and Entrepreneurship in Wismar (Germany) within the program International Class Partner 2010 2015 German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)
Program of individual scientific research of postgraduate students of ORIPA at the German University of Administrative Sciences in Speyer (Germany) with the financial support of the German Academic Exchange Service Partner 2010 till now German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)
Public Administration Tasks and Responsibilities Curriculum at the National School of Public Administration (KSAP, Warsaw, Poland) Partner 2015- till now Polish-American Freedom Foundation
The project of the Bohdan Hawrylyshyn Foundation Youth will change Ukraine Participant 2015-2016 Bogdan Hawrylyshyn Foundation
International educational program for civil servants training in the field of European integration and Public administration, implemented by NAPA under the President of Ukraine jointly with the international organization Ukraine in Europe Participant 2012-2015 -
Project New Ways of Community Activity for Children and Youth in Ukraine (Berlin, Germany) Participant 2015-2016 German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)
European Union Erasmus + Educational Program (European grants for the development of higher education) - 2015-2016 -
Project of the World Bank on creation at the Institute of the South Ukrainian Center of Innovative Knowledge Participant 2006-2015 World Bank
E-Government Project for Government Accountability and Citizen Participation (EGAP) implemented by NAPA under the President of Ukraine together with the Eastern Europe Foundation, Soft Xpansion Ukraine LLC, the Association of Electronic Cities of Ukraine Participant 2015- till now German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)
The Warsaw Euro-Atlantic Summer Academy (WEASA) project Policy, Economy and Society in the Mobility Era: Prospects for the Eastern Partnership Participant 2014 -
European Union Project Ukrainian Transparent City: A Pilot Model for E-Government to Improve Administrative Services Participant 2013 -
Project Public Administration Reform in Visegrad Countries Participant 2013 -
German-Ukrainian Swimming Conference educational project on port security and maritime management Participant 2013 German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)
Joint Operational Program Romania-Ukraine-Moldova 2007-2013 Participant 2013 European Union
The internship program for Ukrainian civil servants in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany High Level Experts Program Participant 2013 The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany
Project Building capacity in evidence-based economic development planning in Ukrainian oblasts and municipalities (EBED Project) Participant 2011-2014 Conference Board of Canada
Ukrainian- Swedish project Resolution of labor disputes in Ukraine Partner 2011 Sweden National Service of Mediation
Study programme for students and professors Way to the European Union held by the Malopolska Regional Development Agency (MARR Krakow, Poland) Partner 2011 Malopolska Regional Development Agency
Program of participation of the group of representatives of ORIPA in the International Spring Academy Active Governance as a Condition of Good Governance at the Gustrov Institute of Public Administration, Police and Law (Germany) Partner 2011 German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)
Program for ORIPA representatives in German and Ukrainian international seminar Democracy and the rule of law as a prerequisite for successful European integration Partner 2010 German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)
Internship Program for ORIPA staff at the Institute of Public Administration and Finance of Ludwigsburg (Germany) under the scholarship program of Walter Hallstein Partner 2009-2010 Scholarships Walter-Halstein
Twinning Project Supporting the development and improvement of civil servants training system in Ukraine With NAPA 2009-2011 Twinning
Internship Program for students of the Faculty of Public Administration at the Institute of Public Administration, Police and Law of Gustrow (Germany) Partner 2009- 2015 Institute of Public Administration, Police and Law of Gustrow (Germany)
Participation of the ORIPA representatives in the international conferences in cooperation with the Institute of Political and Administrative Studies, University of Rostock Partner 2009 -2012 German academic exchange service (DAAD)
Project Transparency in the system of local self-government in Poland in cooperation Stanislaw Staszic College of Public Administration in Bialystok (Poland) Partner 2009 The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland, The Polish Aid 2009
Program Group trips for students to Germany Beneficiary 2009 German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)
Program for interns from universities of foreign countries at ORIPA with the aim to intensify the language learning process for students Partner 2008- till now -
Program for experts of the Center of International Migration and Development GIZ (Germany) Beneficiary 2008-2012 GIZ
Program of learning French for the ORIPA representatives in cooperation with Alliance Francaise in Odesa Participant 2007-2009 French Embassy in Ukraine
Program of exchange visits for ORIPA students and staff in cooperation with the Regional Institute of Nantes (France) Participant 2007-2009 French Embassy in Ukraine
Project Regional administration and development Partner 2007 DFID, CIDA
Internship-exchange program between ORIPA and Bialystok School of Public Administration. Stanislaw Staszic (Republic of Poland) Research of the systems of state administration and local self-government, territorial organization of power in Ukraine and Poland, work of non-governmental organizations as subjects of intersectoral Social Partnership, mechanisms of interaction between the authorities and the public of both countries Beneficiary 2007 -
Program British Government Chevening Scholarships Participant 2006-2007 British Council
Program Study visits to Poland Participant 2006 Foundation for International and Public Initiatives Center of Europe
Project Self-government of the XXI century experience exchange between the Lublin province(voivodship) and Odessa region Participant 2006 The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland
Project Cooperation of bodies of local self-government as a factor accelerating the development of local democracy and building of civil society in partner cities of Eastern Europe Participant 2006 The Government of the Republic of Poland
Program Depository or Regional Libraries Partner 2006-2014 World Bank
TACIS Action Programme on cross-border cooperation Technical assistance for planning the Lower Dniester Basin management Participant 2006-2009 TEMPUS TACIS
Project Health care in regions: government and the community. Research on policy concerning health care (UCAN) Beneficiary 2006-2007 USAID
Project Harmony, Internship Program Social Initiatives Participant 2006 USAID
International Visitors program as part of the professional exchange project Community Economic Development Participant 2006 USAID
Exchange program between ORIPA and Gdansk University (Poland) Status and prospects of business development in the Odessa region and Entrepreneurship in Poland (the three cities observed as an example) - the state and prospects Beneficiary 2006 -
Project Series of lectures by leading experts in the US economy and management Beneficiary 2005-2006 -
The project Assistance to Regional Development in Ukraine With NAPA 2005-2006 TEMPUS-TACIS
Project Specialized Program on European Integration to Improve the Skills of Civil Servants of Ukraine (Category II-IV) With NAPA 2005 UK government
TACIS project Euro integration trainings for the civil servants With NAPA 2005-2009 TEMPUS-TACIS
Preparation of Europe Day in Odessa Partner 2005 European Commission Delegation to Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus
The Fiscal relations between levels of government and local financial management Summer University Participant 2005 Central European University
The EU after the entry of Eastern Europe Participant 2005 The European Commission
Internships exchange program Learning and adaptation in Ukraine experience to improve efficiency of state and local governments to implement integration strategies to the European Union Beneficiary 2005 -
Modern Problems Project of the International Research and Exchange Participant 2005 USAID (IREX)
The Peace Corp project Economic development of the USA in Ukraine Participant 2004-2006 USA Peace Corp in Ukraine
Civil health general care. Study the Poland experience impact of community on the forming and realization regional policy in the healthcare field Partner 2003-2004 USAID
Project The development of decentralization mechanisms at regional and local levels in order to optimize the functioning of medical institutions on the example of Odesa oblast (common NASPAA-NISPAcee project) Beneficiary 2003-2004 USAID
Project Good governance: involving citizens in building a comprehensive policy-making process in Ukraine With NAPA 2002-2003 UNDP
Project Promoting democratic change in Ukraine by strengthening local government (Program Polish-American-Ukrainian Cooperation Initiative) Partner 2002-2003 USAID
Project Good governance: involving citizens in building a comprehensive policy-making process in Ukraine With NAPA 2002-2003 SIPU International
The project Improvement of local and regional health care system by engaging a critical mass of managers in the process of policy (NASPAA-NISPAcee joint project to improve the management) Beneficiary 2001-2002 USAID, NISPAcee, NASPAA
Project Development handbook for managers of healthcare Government Policy and Strategy in Health Partner 2001 USAID, Studium Europy Wschodniej Foundation
Program Polish-American-Ukrainian Cooperation Initiative Capacity building for the development of the public sector to accelerate reforms in Ukraine With NAPA 2000-2001 USAID, LGI / OSI
A global network of distance learning With NAPA 2000-2006 CIDA, World bank
Canadian-Ukrainian Parliamentary Program for university students Participant 1999, 2000, 2001 Ukrainian Foundation Department of Education (Toronto, Canada)
CEUME (Consortium for Enhancement of Ukrainian Management Education) Member 2000-2003 USAID, KHF
REAP (program support and development of teaching module on health management in the Odessa Regional Institute for Public Administration) Beneficiary 1999-2003 KHF / DFID
Canadian-Ukrainian project of democratic education Partner 1999-2002 CIDA, Center for Democratic Education Queens University (Canada), IRF
Project Capacity building to develop and analyze public policy areas With NAPA 1999-2003 CIDA
Institutional Strengthening Project (Ukraine) With NAPA 1997-2003 KHF / DFID
The draft annual internships for students studying for master's program in public administration in France With NAPA 1997-2000 French Embassy in Ukraine, IRFD
TRANSFORM Project (Ukraine) With NAPA 1996-1999 Ministry of Internal Affairs of Germany, BIZOWE, Hanns Seidel Foundation
The draft civil service reform (Ukraine) With NAPA 1996-1999 CIDA