About the Department

Department's History

The date of Department's formation is 1996. The stages of its formation are: in 1996 only English and French were taught, from 1998 German and Ukrainian languages are offered for training. Today such disciplines are offered: "Business Ukrainian language in public management", "Professional foreign language in public administration", "Business Ukrainian language in Public administration", "Foreign language in professional activity", "Professionally-oriented foreign language", "Ukrainian language (for professional purposes)", Foreign language (for professional purposes)", "Foreign language in research of public management and administration","Basic scientific speech"(for graduate students),"Methodological support of teaching activity", "The art of communication and presentation of scientific findings by means of foreign language","Foreign language in professional activity of public management and administration researcher".

The heads of the Department

  • 1996-1997 - PhD in Philology, P.M. Wojciechowski;
  • 1997-1998. -PhD in Pedagogy, Associate Professor A.V. Galyuk (Substitute);
  • 1998-2001 - Doctor in Philology, Professor V.G. Taranets;
  • 2001- 2012 - PhD in Philology, Associate Professor T.P. Sazykina;
  • 2012 - 2015 - PhD in Philology, Associate Professor I.A. Chernyaeva;
  • From September 2015 the Department is headed by N.M. Kolisnichenko, PhD in Public Administration, Associate Professor;

The achievements of the Department in dynamics

  • in 1996 only one PhD of Philology was working at the Department;
  • in 2011 one Doctor of Philology, Professor (part-time loading) and six PhDs were working at the Department;
  • In the 2016-2017 academic year 13 lecturers, including 7 having Ph.D. degrees, 5 associate professors were working at the Department. Two PhD students are developing their Doctoral Theses in public administration at the department;

The faculty of the Department

Regularly take part in seminars organized by Cambridge English Language Assessment and National Geographic Learning, devoted to innovative methods of teaching English, exams for international certificates.

The traditions

Among the traditions is good level of teaching. The faculty members have developed a bulk of learning materials on various issues of management and public administration.

Foreign experts

Foreign experts - interns from the European universities and training institutes (ORIPA partners) are actively involved into training process.

Free programs

Within the Department' "Speaking Club" is functioning, aiming to improve foreign languages communication informally. "English Courses" offer training in grammar and lexis and communication 9written and oral).

Methods of Training

Once a month the innovative methods in teaching foreign languages are discussed by the academic staff of the Department. The faculty have collected films in foreign languages and demonstrate them during the classes for in-depth understanding and improvement of speech. With the same purpose the lecturers are working with students on news transmitted by satellite channels.

New traditions

  • scientific seminars "New insights in public administration" of Master and PhD Students regarding presentation of their thesis - presentation of the topics of their research;
  • electronic journal "New insights in public administration" with the materials of the Scientific Seminar of Master and PhD Students;
  • all-Ukrainian conference "Inter-cultural and multi-language aspect in the process of communities consolidation";
  • scientific seminars for faculty members of Odessa universities and institutions (various topics of interest);
  • English Fest for senior students of Odessa oblast and Odessa city high schools.

Cooperation with other ORIPA units

The International Relations Department regularly provides information to students of different programs on grants for study abroad, where knowledge of foreign languages is mandatory. The faculty assists students in filling appropriate application forms, developing cover letters, curriculum vitae in foreign languages. The faculty members are constantly cooperating with ORIPA NAPA under the President of Ukraine publishing department and help with the translation of extended abstracts and articles in foreign languages.

The department cooperates with representatives of foreign universities, public authorities, institutions and organizations of the European Union, Germany and France. The department is constantly working with the representatives from foreign universities.