About the Department

Specialization E-governance. Foundation Date: June 2004

Departments tasks

The main assignment of the department is to prepare Master students in the specialization 281 Public Management and Administration, as well as specialists and Master students in the specialization 073 Management.

The mission of the department: By training public servants and improving their qualifications, the representatives of the institute, the civil society and active citizens will promote the development of the informational society in Ukraine.

The strategic goal of the department: contribute to resolving on tasks of the Strategy for Sustainable Development Ukraine 2020, the Strategy for Reforming and Developing the National Academies for Public Administration under the President of Ukraine for 2017 2021, as well as the priorities of developing the Odessa Regional Institute for Public Administration for 2016 2020 through a combination of research, teaching and expert advisory activities.

The basic goals of the department: Modernization of research and methodical teaching processes through the integration of innovative teaching, research and public activities of the academic department staff; professional development of the academic department staff through the introduction of modern technologies for the informational society and innovative pedagogical technologies in the educational process.

Priority Assignments of the Department: Improving disciplines in the specialization "E-governance" in accordance with the needs of servants in the fields of public management and administration, as well as establishing the educational scientific laboratory "Innovative technologies of e-government", in order to coordinate and plan the implementation of e-governance and e-education at regional and local levels of public administration to provide Southern Ukraine with expert advice, information and analytical research and teaching services in the field of e-governance

Report of the Department in the 2016-2017 academic year

Department methodist

  Olha V. Hramatik

  Position:  Department Methodist
  Functional Responsibilities:   Organizational provisions for the activities of the department and the educational process

Address: 65009, Odessa, 22, Genuezska Str., Office No. 341
Telephone: 8 (048) 70-59-759
Department's Head telephone:70-59-72; 70-59-78