About the Department

Specialization Law in Public Administration
Foundation date 01.11.2001

The Department's tasks

The main task of the department is to train the Public Management and Administering graduate students, as well as:
  • holding scientifically and methodologically efficient lectures, practical, and seminar classes and other ones provided by the curriculum, as well as admission and final exams, current (modular) control implementation, managing internships, graduates' theses researches, and students' independent work;
  • department's disciplines' (courses, modules) educational programs development and submitting for approval in due course;
  • preparing educational textbooks, methodical recommendations, and other teaching and methodical materials, providing reviews to the educational literature;
  • forming proposals on topics and holding the scientific researches, managing the students' research activities, evaluating the finalized researches and implementing their results in public administration practise, providing recommendations for publishing the completed works;
  • examining the individual plans for the department's staff's educational, methodical, scientific and other work;
  • studying, generalizing and disseminating the best teachers educational experience;
  • developing and realizing measures concerning the modern technology and teaching techniques usage during the classes;
  • training the academic staff, providing scientific counselling to the graduate students, applicants, and doctoral candidates, evaluating the dissertations submitted for defence in the relevant area, providing recommendations for awarding the academic titles, and organizational and methodological support for teachers' internships;
  • establishing connections with the regional and local government authorities, relevant research and educational institutions, in order to identify, summarize and disseminate the advanced practices in the legal regulation and public administration sphere, providing scientific counselling to the governmental authorities and local governments;
  • organizing systematic connections with institute's graduates;
  • carrying out measures to improve the public servants qualification in various fields of public administration

The department takes part in providing

  • training of specialists at the day and evening classes, as well as at the distance learning classes;
  • developing and implementing programs and modules (disciplines) content to train the specialists and academic staff in relevant specialties, improve the civil servants and local government bodies employees skills
  • draft laws and law regulation expertise

The Department's position in the Institutes structure

The Department is an educational and scientific structural section of Odessa Regional Institute of Public Administration of the National Academy of Public Administration under the President of Ukraine.

Within its activity field, the Department cooperates with the Public Administration Faculty and Management Faculty, as well as with the teaching and methodical department, and is subordinated to the Institutes First Deputy Director.