About the Department

The European Integration Department was founded on 1st September 2004
    The purpose of its foundation involves teaching several disciplines, which are related to the world and European integration as well as national security of Ukraine, at the faculties of the institute in all forms of education.
    Today, this course of scientific research is of current interest due to the commitment of Ukraine in the context of fundamental global processes affecting the modern political development, so that the knowledge of these disciplines will help to solve various economic and socio-political problems our country has to face.
    Since the day of its foundation, the Honoured Educator of Ukraine Krivtsova Valentina Mikhailivna heads the department.

Krivtsova, V.M,, teacher of the Department of European Integration,
Candidate of History, Lecturer,
Honoured Educator of Ukraine

    At various times, outstanding specialists in the fields of problems concerning globalisation and global integration processes have worked and are currently working at the department: Professor Dergachov V.O. (Dr. Of Geography), Professor Poichenko A.M. (Dr. of Political Science), Lecturer and Honoured Educator of Ukraine Krivtsova B.M. (Candidate of History), Lecturer Nagorna I.V. (Candidate of Public Administration), Lecturer Ovchar O.M. (Candidate of Psychology), Krivtsova O.M. (Candidate of Public Administration), as well as a plethora of renowned national security experts lecturer Usatyuk I.F. (Candidate of History), senior scientist Ostapenko O.A. (Candidate of Educational Sciences), lecturer Krivotsyuk P.S. (Candidate of Political Science). With regard to the issues of international education and the Bologna Process, the respective persons in charge are listed, as follows: Lecturer Kolisnichenko N.M. (Candidate of Public Administration), Kaduk N.I. (Candidate of Political Science). In the fields of international and foreign economic activities, the following academic researchers are involved: Professor Kharichkov S.K. (Dr. of Economics), Goryachuk V.F. (Dr. of Economics), Zapsha G.M. (Dr. of Economics), lecturer Komarovskiy V.V. (Candidate of Technical Sciences), Stetsenko I.A. (Candidate of Public Administration).

    The majority of the members of the department completed internships at leading universities in the USA (Kolisnichenko N.M., Komarovskiy V.V.), Great Britain (Krivtsova V.M., Nagorna I.V.), France (Krivtsova O.M.), Germany (Krivtsova V.M., Krivotsyuk P.S.) and is involved in international programmes of the European Commission, the United States Agency for International Development and the International Renaissance Foundation.

    The department provides teaching in the disciplines, as follows: Policies of the European integration, national security of Ukraine, European Union: Historical, judicial and institutional foundations, European integration and international cooperation, the European Internal Market and international economic integration, social aspects of the European integration, conceptual foundations of the security of Ukraine, international economic relations, foundations of foreign economic activities.
    Since the day of its foundation, the teachers have been actively involved in the research of world integration processes, cross-border cooperation and regional security issues.
    The results of the scientific research activities are published in monographs, textbooks and large number of articles in renowned scientific journals; 9 candidate and 2 doctorate dissertation defences.

   The department maintains good partnership relations with local representation of the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the city of Odessa, the world Bank Office in Ukraine, the representation of the European Union to Ukraine, the EU Border Mission to Moldova and Ukraine (EUBAM), the executive bodies of the Odessa City Council, the management regarding foreign economic activities and European integration of the Odessa Regional State Administration and others. Moreover, the department sustains contacts with the General Consulates of the Republics of Poland, Romania, Bulgaria and Greece, which are all located in the city of Odessa.

   Furthermore, cooperation has been established with related departments at Ukrainian institutions of higher education as well as with foreign scientific institutions, in particular: the University of Political and Administrative Sciences in the city of Rostock (Germany), the Academy of Management under the President of the Republic of Belarus, and the Academy of Public Administration of the Republic of Moldova (Chisinau, Republic of Moldova).

In addition to that, it has become an inseparable tradition of the department to organize and conduct various events, which are dedicated to the Day of Europe, at the institute and at the regional level every year.

   The employees of the department constantly convene in working groups to elaborate concepts on priority areas for reforming the system of public administration in the fields of European integration.