About the Department

Humanitarian and Socio-Political Studies Department was founded in September 1996, in the first year of the Ukrainian Academy for Public Administration under the President of Ukraine Odessa Branchs existence (the Branch has acquired the Regional Institute status only in 2001). The department is the largest in the institute and has about two dozen lecturers.

Department's subjects at the Public Administration Faculty

  • Political institutions and policy-making process
  • Social and humanitarian policy
  • Research in the public sphere. Quantitative analysis and empirical methods
  • Decision-making in public administration
  • Leadership and management in public service
  • Communications activities in public administration

Department's subjects at the Management Faculty

  • Philosophy
  • History of Ukraine
  • Ethics and Aesthetics. Business Ethics
  • History of Ukrainian Culture
  • Politology
  • Psychology and Pedagogy
  • Religion
  • Rhetoric
  • Sociology
  • Modern concepts of natural science

The main topics of the Departments research are related to the analysis and generalization of scientific processes of the humanitarian and socio-political development Ukraines southern region.

The Department cooperates with the executive authorities and local self-government bodies (including those of Yuzhny, Chornomorsk, Ochakov, Bilyayivka cities), as well as numerous institutes and universities of Odessa, Ukraine and other countries.

Telephone: (048)-70-59-788