About the Department

The Department was established in April 1996 and its first designation was "Department of Economics, Finance and Information Technology". In the first period, Prof. V. L. Yasinskyy headed the Department. The department has gradually increased qualitatively and quantitatively, so that it was enabled to be further organized at its base, eventually being separated into two departments: "The Department of Management" in 2002 and "The Department of Information Technology andAdministration Systems" in 2004. Since 1999 Prof. Anatoliy G. Akhlamov, Honored Scientist of Ukraine, has been heading the department. Considering the new requirements of the disciplines taught in 2004, the department was renamed to Department of Economic and financial policies and is currently a component of the Faculty of Public Administration at ORIPA NAPA. The department provides a complex work in organizing the educational process and preparing students for the qualification "Master of Public Administration" full-time, evening, part-time and distance learning format in the specialization "Economic and Financial Policies and Business", as well as training for bachelors and specialists of the Faculty of Management.
The main activities of the Department are:
  • The organization and implementation of educational and scientific-methodical work;
  • The conduction of research;
  • Providing regional organs of public administration and local self-government with professional consulting in questions relating to the profile of the Department;
  • The conduction of classes in typical programs and thematic seminars on improving the qualifications of public servants and the personnel of the Institute.


The prime attention of the department is always focused on the scientific and educational-methodical work. Therefore, the main priority of the department is to increase the training quality. In order to guarantee this achievement, lecturers are systematically working to revise the content of lectures, seminars and workshops, using interactive teaching methods, including case-methods, and role-playing. The teaching staff of the Department use multimedia equipment in all courses of the educational process. The conceptual methodical direction of the department is a continual development of methodological support. 12 textbooks and 35 methodical publications have been prepared.
Topics of research conducted at the department are:
  • Fiscal policy and budget planning under the conditions of prognosticated uncertainty;
  • Models and methods of analysis and prognosis in social-economic processes of the region;
  • Market infrastructure and problems of modernization in conditions of reforming economic relations;
  • Innovation and investment processes at the regional level.


The teaching staff constantly raises the scientific and professional level, providing educational and creative activities. In the recent years, research projects were conducted at the department, such as "Improving the effectiveness of management in local and regional authorities in the context of implementing administrative-territorial reforms" on inquiry of the Odessa Regional Council; the inspectional project "Scientific analysis of the current price situation on the commodity markets" the price-controlling of the Ukrainian Ministry of Economy. The department conducted research on the following topics related to budgeting: "Fiscal policy and budgeting in terms of forecasting uncertainty at the regional level", as well as "Effective budgeting process in terms of violation of macroeconomic equilibrium." Recently, specialists of the department published 12 monographs devoted to current problems of improving economic mechanisms of public administration.

The department is constantly expanding the scope of international cooperation. It has become a good tradition of the department to hold annual scientific conferences at the end of May, which is attached to the work of both domestic and foreign scientists.
  • The agreement between ORIPA NAPA under the President of Ukraine (on the basis of economic and fiscal policy) and the institute of administration at the University of Gdansk is reached. In accordance with this agreement, the student and teacher exchange in various training programs is carried out;
  • The cooperation with the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University in the city of Iasi, Romania;

The teachers of the Department regularly take part in international conferences, publish articles in scientific journals, and hold lectures at foreign universities. In the last years, the lectures and scientific publications of the Department staff were presented in Moldova, Poland, Germany, France, Belarus, Romania and the Czech Republic. Since 2010, the department conducts joint seminars with colleagues from Ukraine and other countries in a teleconference mode. The leading teachers of the department are involved in preparing graduate students. Over the years the department has trained more than 12 people. The department is actively cooperating with the authorities and local governments in the regions of Ukraine and parts of Southeast Ukraine. Working visits are carried out in government and government financial institutions, such as Department of Statistics in the Odessa region, Chief Financial management and others. The department regularly organizes visiting sessions and round table discussions with the authorities and local governments in the city of Reni, as well as the Ovidiopolskyy and Saratskyy areas in the Odessa region. The Department staff pays much attention to the career guidance in schools, lyceums and gymnasiums in Odessa, Odessa region areas, as well as in Uman. Close cooperation is continued with the Department of Statistics in the Odessa region in a number of research areas. A scientific-practical workshop is organized at the Department on a continuous basis.

Participation in international projects

The agreement between ORIPA NAPA under the President of Ukraine (on the basis of economic and fiscal policy) and the institute of administration at the University of Gdansk is reached. In accordance with this agreement, the student and lecturers exchange in various training programs is carried out. Foreign specialists take part in the educational process on invitation of the Department, such as Prof. A. Jacko (Koszalin Polytechnical Institute, Poland), Prof. M. Edzimowska (Gdansk University, Poland), and Prof. Maier zu Hatrup (Rostok University, Germany).


The lecturers of the Department actively participate in working committees, expert groups, scientific-technical councils of public authorities, and other institutions; such as the associate professor of the Department O. V. Holynska:
  • Expert in issues regarding budgeting and funding in the Association of Ukrainian Cities in the Odessa Region;
  • Adviser in economic issues at the Institute of Budgetary and Socio-Economic Research (Kyiv);
  • Expert in issues regarding the financial and economical analysis of the All-Ukrainian Association of Peoples Self-Organization Organs;
  • Expert in budgetary and financial issues at the Development Fund in the city of Mykolaiv;

Address: 65009 Odessa, str. Genueska 22, Office No. 412
Telephone: +38 (048) 70-59-753