About the Department

Department' mission

The mission of the department is to train highly qualified professionals in the field of public administration and, above all, officials and elected officials for state and local self-government bodies, representatives of NGOs, which have the necessary level of professional competence based on the integration of modern, scientific, innovative processes and practical activities and are able to provide the democratization of public life as a prerequisite of civil society.

Regional Policy and Public Administering Department is a graduate one for training the Masters in "Local Self-Government". It was established in March 2010 as a structural unit of the Faculty of Public Administration of Odessa Regional Institute for Public Administration of the National Academy for Public Administration under the President of Ukraine.

Since its foundation, the department has been headed by Doctor in Political Sciences, Professor M. Izha, Doctor in Public Administration, Professor Y. Molodozhen, Doctor in Philosophy, Professor Z. Balabayeva. Since 2016, the department is headed by Doctor in Public Administration, Professor Tatiana Pakhomova, author of over 100 scientific and educational works. Today the Department is the leading educational center providing high quality of educational and consulting services for improving the efficiency of local self-government bodies. The educational process at the Department is guaranteed by the professional practical lecturers with extensive experience in developing and implementing methodology for local self-government bodies and regional administration. In particular, the Department employs 4 Doctors, Professors; 4 PhDs. Teaching is carried out in specialized classrooms equipped with modern facilities to provide multimedia presentations, modern information technologies in public administration. With the help of the department, Odessa Regional Institute for Public Administration prepared dozens of master's degree holders in "Public Administration" specialty. Since 2016, after having introduced the new "Public Management and Administration" specialty, the "Local Self-Government" specialization was presented at the Department.

The department is involved in many international projects and programs, with the Institute acting as a business partner. The most important projects having been implemented recently involving the faculty staff, doctoral students, graduate students and students of Regional Policy and Public Administering Department are as follows:
  • Program involving experts of the Center for International Cooperation (GIZ, FRG);
  • International Education Program of advanced training of public servants in the sphere of European integration and public administration, implemented by the NAPA under the President of Ukraine jointly with the international "Ukraine in Europe" organization;
  • Training of the graduate students conducting individual research at the University of Administrative Sciences in Speyer City (FRG).

Expected jobs of the graduates

Local authorities, local authorities involved in the implementation of state policy in the sphere of local government; servants working in local executive bodies and elected representatives of local government on the activities of executive bodies; secretaries of the councils, mayors, heads of borough councils and district administrations; managers of the executive staff councils, heads of departments and divisions of the executive staff councils, council secretaries, officials of executive committees.

Main objectives of the department

Staff of the Regional Policy and Public Administering Department bases its activities on the grounds of the program for masters in "Public Management and Administration" specialty in accordance with the strategy of the National Academy for Public Administration under the President of Ukraine for 2017-2021 years, Action Plan of ORIPA NAPA under the President of Ukraine in 2016 -2020 years, priorities of ORIPA NAPA for the years 2016-2020 and determines its activities as the following tasks:
  • quality training for professionals of public administration and local self-government;
  • development of the teaching program for masters and bachelors in public management and administration;
  • research on topical issues of regional policy and public administration;
  • creative collaboration with central and regional authorities, local authorities of southern Ukraine in order to involve practitioners in the educational process, study the needs of public authorities in vocational training, provide assistance in organizing scientific and expert activity;
  • development of cooperation with foreign institutions that train professionals and conduct research in the field of public administration.

Department staff

  Nadia F. Stratiyevska

  Post:  : Departments methodist
  Duties:  organizational support of the Department and the educational process; accounting, ordering and storage of documents of the Department; ensuring the functioning of the specialized classroom number 210.

Address: 65009 Odessa City, 22 Genuezka Street, Office No. 218
Department's Head e-mail: +38 (048) 705 97 85
Telephone: +38 (048) 705 97 95