About the Department

The Public Administration and Local Self-Government Department was established in November 2003 as a structural subdivision of the Odessa Regional Institute for Public Administration of the National Academy for Public Administration (ORIPA NAPA) under the President of Ukraine. The Department guarantees the different activities complex execution regarding the educational process organization in preparing students for the "Master of Public Administration" qualification level in various educational formats (such as day classes, evening classes, correspondence and distance learning), and is the leader in students' training in the "Regional Management" specialty.
The Department's main course consists of the activities, as follows: training the Master students in Public Administration; organizing and implementing the educational and scientific-methodical work; scientific research; providing professional consultations to regional government and local self-government bodies on issues corresponding with the educational Department’s profile; training the Management Organizations Faculty's Bachelors and Specialists; conducting classes on standard programs and thematic seminars on the improving civil servants' skills at the Institute's In-Service Training Center.

Material-technical basis

Room Purpose
213 Specialized educational classroom with technical support for the educational process: laptop, multimedia projector, photocopier, television, flipchart, overhead projector
221 Teaching staff room
229 Department Head's Office

Department's development course

Department's MISSION: The Public Administration and Local Self-Government Department is a team of like-minded fellows whose pursuit consists of the combination of joint efforts in the matter of the educational development of public administration, the consolidation of staff potential of public servants and local self-government bodies for the prosperity of Ukraine.

Department's assignments

  • Satisfying the needs of the state in the training of highly qualified specialists in the field of public administration in order to increase the students', PhD and Doctoral students' social, managerial, personal qualities;
  • Contributing to the formation of a new national model for the management of public administration;
  • Forming the conditions that ensure the full disclosure of contributions having made by each department employee, and encouraging individual and collective creative thinking.

Department staff

  Aleksandrova Tetyana Volodymyrivna

  Position:  Department's educational manager
  Functional Responsibilities:   educational process manager, person-in-charge of the department's specialized classroom No. 213

Address: 65009, Odessa, 22, Genuezska Str., Office No. 221
Department's Head e-mail:
Telephone: +38 (048) 70-59-756